About Us
You don't need to be an expert on antique
machinery to join our group.  You need only to
show up at a monthly meeting, (usually the
second Sunday of the month at 5 PM for a pot
luck supper and then at 6 PM for the monthly
meeting at the Plainfield Community Center).  
Then you can decide if this is for you.  We think
you will enjoy the people and the information on
that which built our land-it's agriculture and the
ingenuity the made the hard work of farming not
only easier but more productive.
A grain threshing scene in Waushara County, Wisconsin circa 1910.  Note the
steam power and the wood threshing machine
Our Officers and Board
Norman Kohls, President
Marvin Kohls, Vice President
Carol Wagner, Secretary/Treasurer

Board of Directors
Mike Williams Jr.
Marvin Wagner Jr.
Gene Coyle
Dale Carlson
David Repinski